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Snowmobile & Animals Day Tour

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Experience an action-packed day in the Arctic and get to know the different means of transportation of the locals.

Your tour starts with exchanging your clothes for warm winter clothes in our office so that you can defy the cold outside. The expert will explain to you how to use and drive the snowmobile and give you relevant safety instructions.

Enjoy your ride on the snowmobile through the snowy and magnificent landscape! Visit the Sami reindeer and husky farm, where the animals are waiting for you to make two sleigh ride trips through the fantastic forest. Take the opportunity to take beautiful pictures and observe the animals as you feed the reindeer following the professional guidance of the Sami farmer. In addition, the rancher will tell you the story of reindeer husbandry and its lifestyle. In the end, you will receive a driving certificate from the Arctic Circle Reindeer to certify your performance!

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