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Snow surfing

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Pyhä area is freerider`s paradise. Long season and about one meter of snow mean that there is always something to shred. You are able to reach Soutaja backcountry without transportation from Lucky Ranch. Lucky Ranch is a test center of Ilahu snowsurfs and home for many freeriders. Price includes a guide, snowsurf board, hot drink and snacks. Suitable for beginners also.

Snow surfing represents a return to the timeless pleasure of gliding, propelled only by gravity. The lack of bindings allows free exploration of how stance and position affect the ride. The experience is simple yet infinitely enjoyable. We always choose the spot according to the current weather and snow conditions and try to find nice untouched powder snow fields or forest parts.

We use Ilahu boards that are designed and made in Finnish Lapland with a love of crafting natural materials. The boards are carefully finished by hand to ensure the highest quality 

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