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Skydiving in Madrid

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A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to feel the thrill of reaching 4.000 meters (12.500 feet) above the ground and jump 50 seconds free fall at over 200 km/h (120 miles per hour), while securely attached to one of our qualified instructors.

After we have arrived to the chosen skydiving site in Ocaña, you will be properly equipped for the flight and jump. Also you will received a brief instruction course with guidelines for a good jump and landing.

Then you will go on board and fly in our aircraft till you reach 4.000 meters altitude above the ground.

For a safe skydiving jump, the jumper is united by a harness to a qualified and very experienced instructor.

You will jump from the aircraft and after 50 seconds of free fall, when you reach 1.500 meters from the ground, your instructor will open the parachute to enjoy a comfortable 5 minutes canopy flight to the landing zone.

Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through the entire process, and our talented videographers will capture every sensational second so you can re-live the experience again and again, and share it with friends and family around the world!

Jump & Feel the adrenaline rush of Skydiving in Madrid with Ole Outdoor!

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