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Self drive husky day tour

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Join us on a mini expedition and get the real feeling then you are driving your own sled and team of huskie`s throw the winter landscape.

​We stop halfway for a rest and prepare lunch over an open fire. When our tour continue after the break will the daylight slowly disappear and in clear weather will we experience wonderful colours in the sky before the darkness take over completely and we put on the headlamp.

To drive a team of sleddogs in the darkness is a special feeling. The sky is full of stars, but the only you can see clearly is what is in the light from your headlamp. Your place in the world getting smaller and cover only the trail ahead and your husky team which become more and more like your lifeline to get back to the comforts of civilization.

​For those who want to learn more and experience longer adventures, we can offer expeditions tours, both in the more sheltered but snowy forest landscape or in the more wind-exposed landscape in the Swedish mountains.

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