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Sea & river kayaking Split - Podstrana

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Podstrana bay is situated at the feet of the Perun, hill with beautiful limestone ridge and green terraces, where river Zrnovnica meets the sea. In this place, a small city of Stobrec found its settlement, one of the oldest cities on the Dalmatian coast!

Our tour starts the eastern part of the Podstrana bay from the small pebble beach in front of the Hotel Split. Here we will be preparing the equipment and while paddling to the mouth of Zrnovnica river, we will try to listen to the kayaking instructions. While reaching the mouth of Zrnovnica we will be passing under the bridge where this incredible scenery of green fields and mountain ridge Mosor opens. While making the circle we would be heading towards west so we can pass by the old city of Stobrec and get a good look at the dramatic limestone cliffs with picturesque traditional houses built on their top.

If it would be of your interest you should know that during this tour it is possible to do some cliff jumps up to 6 m high. After some 20 min of paddling, we will stop at the pebble beach for a break. This would be a perfect time for you to relax in the sun or have a swim or snorkel or whatever it is that will make you enjoy the moment.

After the break, we are paddling back and finishing at the same beach from which we started. Here again, we can have a break so you can enjoy some more sea activities and when you are ready we would be on our way back home. Deep water is a challenge so try to explore that universe!

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