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Sea kayaking in Sognefjord

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Sea kayaking in Sognefjord is the perfect way to explore and enjoy the sights of Norways largest Fjord. Extending over 200km in length and with waters over 4000ft deep it is the second longest Fjord in the world. It is one of Norways most rugged, wild and iconic Fjords and is situated at the base of the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen National Park.

This trip will take you on a 1ookm journey through the incredible mountains of Vikafjell to Arnafjord. We will make a couple of stops along the way for you to enjoy and photograph some of the areas most heavenly landscapes as well as making a short stop in the picturesque town of Vik to visit it’s impressive medieval Stave Church.

On this special sea kayaking adventure, we will branch off into Arnafjord to revel in this quaint Fjords spectacular scenery. This lesser known Fjord is the perfect opportunity to get away from the big boats and crowds of tourists.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this Fjords beautiful waters, without the sound of a boats engine. Just the sound of the water lapping on your kayak and the splash of your paddle in the water. Bliss!!!

Arnafjord is well known for it’s tiny settlements, excellent fishing and sun drenched bays for swimming. It’s towering peaks, hanging valleys and beautiful waters are sure to take your breath away.

We are very pleased to learn that Sognefjorden is currently in the process of being certified as a sustainable destination and proud to be able to provide you with such an incredible, eco friendly tour in this area.

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