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Sea Kayak Koroni

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A Kayak trip around Koroni magnificent views across Messinian Bay and the Taÿgetos Mountains. Koroni is a lovely seaside town, crowned by an imposing Venetian fortress, which dominates the hilltop. This town is unique and captivating at the same time, a harbour well sheltered which is home to a number of fishing boats. The coastline beneath the castle is a favoured nesting site for the sea turtle Caretta caretta. Sea kayaking in Koroni offers amazing views of the town, the fortress and the spectacular cliffs around them only visible from the sea.

Our trip starts from the sandy Zaga beach near Koroni. Before departure, your guide will brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques, and safety measures. Soon we get into our kayaks and begin a coastal exploration at a relaxed paddling pace. We shall glide with our kayaks into crystal clear waters near the imposing walls of the castle overlooking the town amphitheatrically built over the hill. Heading north we navigate our kayaks through rock gardens and reefs offering shelter to sea life. We may be lucky enough to witness wildlife such as the famous Caretta Caretta sea turtle swimming under our kayak. We carry on paddling near imposing white chalk cliffs and discover hidden coves with some of the finest gold sanded beaches of the region. Halfway we make a relaxing stop at a sandy beach for swimming, snorkeling and to taste a delicious picnic with freshly baked bread organic, garden-grown fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, and cheese. Once we finish lunch we paddle back to the starting point to end a relaxing paddling day on the coasts of Koroni.

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