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Sea Caving

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Cooling off from the summer sun is a great way to enjoy the island of Mallorca and there is no better way to do this than in our sea cave Adventure.  Mallorca is famous for its beautiful tourist caves and underground such as the Caves of Drach and Arta, Experience Mallorca offers real natural caving in spectacular caves.

Cova de coloms is one of the only sea caves that you can swim into here in Mallorca, located of the coast of cala romantica. This hidden cavern is just a 300-meter swim along the coast and 1 duck under the water at the entrance until you venture into this magical cave. Sea caving is experience Mallorcas No 1 way to cool off out of the sun with friends and family.

Cova de coloms is located at a secluded beach a 40 minute walk along the coastal path. The walk has amazing panoramic views of the east coast of Mallorca.

After a short 300 meter swim into the cave we go deep underground, where your experienced guide will lead you through this maze like structure and underground lakes to the heart of this caving adventure. The Wow factor is so high people come year after year for a touch mystery, romance and adventure. 

Sea caves stalagmites are different to land types as the movement of water affects both the formation and mineral the content of the formations. These changes leave of  range of amazing red colours that glisten like diamonds on the walls  underground maze.

You don't need to have done caving or potholing before as these vertical cave systems are a perfect introduction to the underground world of caving. You don’t have to go scuba or snorkel under the water making this the perfect adventure for beginners, families and couples looking for a touch of romance.

Sea Caving in Mallorca is a fantastic, unusual twist to add to your holiday and can be a full day activity easily combined with Coasteering to make it an action pack high adrenalin activity.

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