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Sami Reindeer Sled Experience

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Starting at Brändön Lodge we will introduce you to a local Sami man, Anders Fjällman who will give us an insight into his culture and way of life. We walk in to the reindeer enclosure and Anders explains more about the “year of the reindeer”, the eight seasons and how they work with the reindeer and nature in each of these. We then ready sleds behind the reindeer and start the sled ride towards the Sami tent in the middle of the forest.

The sled ride is a slow experience that is similar to the traditional “Ren-rajd”. It is the way the Sami people since way back in time have travelled between their settlements. On arrival to the tent we then sit down around the fire for a cup of tea and take in the atmosphere of the tent and continue the discussion with Anders. Lunch is then cooked over the fire and we enjoy the fresh traditional food, sitting on reindeer skins on the ground.

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