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Round Ketam Kayaking

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Experience a full open sea kayaking on this expedition and be rewarded with natural sightings unlike any other! 

Looking for a fresh new kayaking experience? This programme will satisfy the adventure junkie in you! Experience a full open sea kayaking on this expedition as we bring you round Ketam island for a unique and heart-pumping adventure. Learn skills for better efficiency on the water such as using your core muscles and paddling techniques.

Starting from the southern end of Pulau Ubin, hugging the coast and traveling westward, heading to the highlight of the tour, Ketam Island. Common sightings on this adventure include flocks of grey herons, families of otters, and schools of fishes. Our experienced adventure leaders will be able to point these areas out to you along the route.

No prerequisites required for this adventure, and this is truly the ideal challenge for those looking to push their physical boundaries. Not to worry though, our experienced leaders are here to help you and will tailor the speed of the journey according to your limits.

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