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Rock Climbing: Beginners level

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Discover the climber you carry inside and go on the mountain adventure during your holidays in Gran Canaria. You will be able to take a half-day tour to enjoy a unique experience with a professional guide who will help you with everything you need

Dare to try outdoor rock climbing for beginners and enjoy an adventure sport without having any prior knowledge. The tour lasts 4 hours and includes all the necessary equipment, as well as an activities insurance, a picnic to catch strength and souvenir photos so you don't forget this moment. 

The island of Gran Canaria is unique in terms of landscapes, its volcanic origin offers endless walls to practice climbing for all kinds of levels, so there are no excuses to practice an adventure sport during the holidays. 

Throughout the climbing activity, you will be with more beginners, always accompanied by a highly qualified instructor, English and Spanish speaking, who will assist you in a personalized way to solve your doubts, encourage you to overcome the challenge of climbing and pass a good time.

The climbing outings for beginners are made periodically, check the availability of the calendar and choose whether you want to go in a group or individually. Gran Canaria enjoys a warm climate all year round, so any time is good to embark on the adventure. The activity is carried out in the sector of Fataga, which has routes, walls and degrees to practice climbing at any level. 

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