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Rivers by the Sea

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It doesn’t get better than this active holiday!

Croatia active trip Rivers by the Sea is a well-balanced mixture of activities.  It includes rafting on the Cetina River and kayaking down the Zrmanja River. Also trekking in the Paklenica National Park and cycling in the Krka River National Park. While trekking and cycling you will pass next to the most beautiful sceneries of karst formations. Kayaking down rapids of exotic river canyons and rafting through jungle-like forests will offer impressive sights as well as refreshment.

Croatia active trip, a journey through time

This great Croatia active trip, is based in a small picturesque town of Skradin. It is a unique town on the very edge of the Krka River National Park. The town is famous for its turbulent, 6000 years old past. It is one of the oldest Croatian towns. Which has begun writing its history since the time of the Illyrians. It received its name during the Roman rule, Scardona. After the Roman Scardona had been ruined and robbed to the very foundations. Therefore the Croats rebuilt the town. And named it Skradin. Today it is an attractive tourist destination with an authentic stone town core. It’s location is in Central Dalmatia. Within a region known for its long beaches and pine woods.

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