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River Trekking Neda

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Neda is a river of the western Peloponnese. Stems from mount Lykaion, flows westward and empties into the Ionian Sea. The river was named after the nymph Neda who was a goddess of the waters. Near the banks of the river is the ancient town of Phiigalia and the temple of Epicureus Apollo. The river over a large part of it crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Along its course, numerous waterfalls are created. The largest is near Figalleia and has a height of about 25 meters. Neda is a well-kept secret river of Greece, still a hidden gem! A perfect choice for river trekking.

Our river trek starts at the Figalia bridge near the village Platania where you meet your guide. After a briefing we start our trek. Though there is not a real track we aim to walk through or along the river. We may have to hop on rocks, jump on the river bank, figure out for the best way. Walking in the water is unavoidable, while in other parts swimming is absolutely necessary. Along the river course there is rich vegetation with plane trees. Waterfalls appear suddenly in front of our eyes and in parts the river narrows and is surrounded by steep rocks. After 4 hours of walking & swimming, we reach the main majestic waterfall of 25 m creating a large pond with crystal clear turquoise waters. We shall swim in the pediment of the great waterfall and the more daring will descend by a rope until the opening of the Stomion cave. Before ending our trek, we shall make a relaxing stop to taste a homemade picnic of fresh local delicacies.

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