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River Tandem Kayaking

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Those who have done it say it is the best kayak experience a non-kayaker can have by having one of our talented and passionate whitewater kayak guide in the back of these double seater kayak.

Tandem kayaking let you take on some of best rapids in Europe in a half day. No matter if you have a little or no experience of kayaking before, the guest sits in the front of the tandem kayak and our professional guide in the back. We have 3 different river sections and we can choose according your expectations where you'll experience the thrill of whitewater kayaking. The scenery is spectacular and you will immersion into a deep crystal clear river. It is a high top trip and definitely it will place a big smile in your face.

Tandems are also an excellent way to learn some kayaking skills yourself or to find out what river kayak is all about.


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