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River Kayaking course

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White water kayaking is one of the most exciting and exhilarating that anyone can enjoy. It demands a great deal of physical fitness, strength, stamina, and a lot of courage.

You can book a 3 hour kayak course during the weekend (EUR 100) or a 5 day course during the week (EUR 220) at different skill levels: beginners, paddlers with some experience on rivers and to learn eskimo-roll technique.

  • Level 1: It's a course designed for beginners and provides for a gradual approach to the technique of river kayaking. 
  • Level 2: It's a course suitable for paddlers with some experience on rivers of the first and second difficulty. The goal is to make the student able to take a stretch of river until III degree.
  • Level 3: It 's a course suitable for paddlers with some experience on rivers and basic knoledge. The goal is to reach a good technique in white water and to start rodeo play (if interested).
  • Eskimo-Roll: If you are just starting out, it is important to learn the kayak roll correctly from the beginning. If you are an experienced kayaker do not go one more season with a kayak roll that lets you down. Enhance it now and it will change your kayaking forever. With a kayak roll you will be able to experience the sport of whitewater kayaking at another level. A perfect kayak (eskimo) roll is the most important foundation one can develop for progressing in the sport of whitewater kayaking. A functioning kayak roll enhances confidence and ensures fast progress in the sport. A marginal kayak roll will erode confidence and progress and be the reason for not kayaking up to your potential.
  • Guided Trip: After a short lesson on class II rapids you will choose with your guide the best section to run and go straight on to a river tour.

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