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River kayak Intermediate course - Level 3

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Have you mastered the basics of whitewater paddling and are ready for the next challenge? This course is for the paddler who is starting to get to grips with white water. To get the most out of this course then you should be comfortable on Grade 2 with some experience of Grade 3, a minimum of about ten days paddling on a variety of rivers would be ideal. To have a reliable roll is not essential on this course, it will of course help, however we will be able to help you with your roll during the weekend. So if you want a two days with plenty of opportunity to paddle Grade 3 and are keen to develop in that environment, then this is the course for you.

Course Aims

This course will provide the paddler with plenty of experience of paddling a variety of Grade 3 rivers, we may also look at paddling harder rivers if the conditions are appropriate and the group ready for it. In addition to this we’ll focus on river running strategies, whitewater safety and rescue as well as of course developing your personal paddling on intermediate whitewater.

Course Content:

You will usually be in a group of no more than four with one instructor. Meeting your instructor on the first morning provides an opportunity to discuss people’s experience and aspirations, which along with the weather forecast and water levels will enable us to plan the week’s activity with you.

Day one we will help you sort out any boats or paddling gear you need to hire from us, and then we will head off to a local river. There will give a good Grade 2/3 warm up day and enable us to introduce some coaching and safe river running themes.

For the rest of the course we’ll paddle the rivers that offer us the best water and are at the appropriate grade for the group’s needs. This will include plenty of rivers with Grade 3 and could include harder sections if appropriate. The following rivers may be paddled during the week:

Whilst on these rivers we will be able to spend time coaching and developing your personal paddling, there may be an opportunity for video coaching as well. In addition to this we will be looking at developing your river running skills to help you leave the course feeling confident to safely paddle a similar grade of river with friends.

As part of this white water safety and rescue is essential, there will be an opportunity to look at a variety of aspects of this during the two days as well, as is needed.

In addition to this you will benefit from your instructor’s wealth of knowledge of additional whitewater paddling venues around Norway, and more than likely the rest of the world. Stories will be told and hopefully you will leave inspired and with knowledge to confidently take your paddling to other parts of Norway and beyond.

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