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Reykjavík Whales & Northern Lights

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This COMBO combines some of the most popular winter attractions in Iceland.

You start the day with a 3-5 hr. whale watching tour at 13:00 which departs from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík. The most common species seen in the Faxaflói bay in winter are the Minke whales, dolphins, porpoises and Humpback whales - although we sometimes also spot Orcas, Fin or even Sei whales. 

After exploring the wonderful seabirds and marine life of the bay, you return to the harbour in time to shop, have dinner or stroll the streets of Reykjavík. The approx. 2 hr. adventurous evening cruise departs at 21:00 or 22:00 / depending on the season (see below). Heading out into the open bay under the vast starry sky is a wonderful experience not to be missed. Our success rate is very high as we carefully assess the weather and aurora forecasts at hand each and every day to give you the optimal chance of spotting the Northern Lights. 

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