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Reindeer Experience and Northern Lights

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It is a unique way to search for the Northern Lights far away from urban lighting and urban noise. Before the ride, you will visit the Sami traditional reindeer farm where you meet the lovely, gentle animal. Take an opportunity to feed them with their favorite snack, and listen to the interesting Sami stories about their essential involvement in the Sami culture and folklore.

Setting off to the miracle Lappish forest along snowy trails, discover the exquisite and unique nature of the Arctic. The reindeer will show you the best views of the snowy winter wonderland. The length of the sleigh ride journey is around 1 hour. Search through a skydome with millions of stars up above your head for the sign of a magical phenomenon. The Northern lights can be seen under the clear sky with the strong Solar activity. Along the way, you will warm yourself up with a hot drink by a campfire to refresh.

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