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Rainforest & Waterfalls

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A tropical rainforest and waterfall discovery. This tour will take you on a drive out of Airlie Beach and deeper in to Conway National Park where we start our walk for the day.

As we venture in to the ancient rainforest we’ll be on the lookout for Paradise Kingfishers flying beneath the  great forest canopy. A wide, slightly downhill track will take us through the rainforest before veering off towards Wompoo Way - a tranquil clearing with beautiful creek and the chance of spotting a Wompoo Fruit Dove or Ulysses Butterfly - the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. After taking a moment to rest and truly appreciate this magical place, it’s an uphill walk to complete our 8km circuit.

Within just a short drive we'll find ourselves at Cedar Creek Falls; nature’s perfect backdrop for an afternoon perched on rock watching turtles, looking for that perfect angle to capture the waterfall on camera or enjoying a refreshing, invigorating swim beneath the waterfall.

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