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Rainforest Night Dive (certified divers only)

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Enjoy this diving in the rainforest in crystal clear waters where platypus live and play. Will you be one of the few in the water at the same time as a platypus in natural conditions? There is plenty to see and experience with this unique and interesting adventure that all certified divers can enjoy. 

Learn about the platypus and other aquatic animals living in the billabong knowing that nothing can bite you, sting you, eat you or drag you away!  See the prawns come out to play, looking for the macibraci that grow to 30cm and how the different aquatic animals behave at night. It's the time where you can explore the underwater world with an amazing array of different animals including turtles, both large and small fish, nesting eel-tail catfish and many more interesting and beautiful creatures which you would normally never see.

Rainforest diving is an experience of a lifetime that leaves a lasting memory. A platypus could nibble your hand, or you might just watch them feed on any of their favorite foods in their natural world.  

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