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This 12km (3 1/2 hours) rafting tour is especially made for the more athletic! During this tour you will navigate the highest section of the Dora Baltea with the strongest rapids, at the foot of Mont Blanc. You will fully experience the adventure and beauty of the rafting sport. The perfect season is August to September. 

We will start from our base. The first three kilometers we practice trying out the maneuvers and coordinating the crew. Upon arrival at Lake La Salle we will take a dip to try how cold the water is and how good it is to get carried by the current. Then we will make a transfer with vans and trolleys to navigate the Bombardon rapids and to conclude the experience we will sail a third fourth grade section with the Fontine rapids.

Safety is very important for us and each activity starts with a safety instruction. A safety kayak will be available and the instructors are always in contact with the base camp.

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