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Private Visit to family husky home & 10 km sled ride

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This is really nice experience for the families with small children. You will get to see local lifestyle, meet our lovely huskies, drive your own dog sled and enjoy of relaxing being with your family and friends.

Here you will be with your family or friends far away from the crowded spots. You will have own husky team and get to drive sleigh on easy terrain – so almost everyone is able to do it. And if you prefer to sit in the sled that is possible too. 

You will make new friends with huskies and locals, cause you are visiting at home and see the real local way of life of husky mushers.  

This is really nice experience for the individuals and families with small children. At husky home there lives family with 18 huskies and a cat. You can join them and feel part of the team. You will learn how to drive the sled and the children can sit in the sled in the warmth of the winter sleeping bag. 

You will cross easy terrain, over the frozen lake. When you go back to house, you will have a delicious pancakes in the warm of the house. And there is time just to relax and hug huskies in our living room. 

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