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Private Surf Lessons - Rainbow Beach

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Epic Ocean Adventures specialise in 1 on 1 surf coaching, corporate & private groups & modified school group programs. All surf instructors are fully qualified, friendly & extremely passionate about surfing and dedicated in teaching a structured learn to surf program that works!

For private 1 on 1 lessons your progression & understanding of the surf is much faster than group lessons as the surf instructor is with you the whole time guiding you every step of the way. The location we use Double Island Point is a long sandy point break that is ideal for beginners of all ages. For anyone who has never had a surf lesson before this will be the safest and most rewarding place to learn to surf. There is always lots of waves and the location is only accessible by 4X4 making it harder to get to for most. It's uncrowded & lots of waves for you.

Depending on your level we can teach you:

  • Board handling in and out of the water
  • Correct pop up technique
  • Surf positioning
  • Proper paddling technique
  • Timing & catching waves
  • Standing up, technique corrections
  • Riding wave, turning & generating speed

We have a large range of surfboards and equipment to suit all levels.

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