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Private Northern Lights Tour

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Each of our private Northern Light tours are tailor-made for each particular group.

Why choose our private tour:

  1. It can be run the way you want it, with more walking, or less walking, with more driving or bigger fires to dance around. You can decide to visit different places to best hunt the Northern Lights enjoy different scenery. The choice is yours as its your tour!
  2. As it is a chance for you to have the intimacy of your loved ones while hunting the Aurora
  3. A private guide who gives you all of their attention
  4. The tour can be run suiting your needs, moving to easy accessible locations or harder ones, depending on what you are looking for in your experience
  5. You enjoy a discount up to 180 euros on the full price of the Northern Lights Wilderness Tour.

Your guide will teach you about the Aurora Borealis and show you how the natives make a fire and cook food over it. Detailed explanations of the northern lights, wilderness and the local animals will follow for those who wish to fully understand their surroundings.

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