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Private Camel Ride in Agafay Desert

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Ride through time to Marrakech’s Agafay rock desert. This is a tour you will never forget as you will get into a special place.  No sand dunes, but beautiful hills til the end of the horizon. 

Your personal and private driver will lead you to discover these amazing animals so incredibly adapted to desert life.   He will be there to advise you and take care of you before your arrival on site where camels will be waiting for you.   High Atlas in background, the environnement is simply stunnning. Amazing moments and souvenirs guaranteed. 

Tea and authentic Moroccan snack with Berber Hospitality in a shaded and relaxed local home at the end.

The reliability and lengthy experience of our local team will help you and yours make the most of this family friendly activity.

Experience for a while the magic of the desert caravans that once plied these same paths between the Sahara and the Atlantic

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