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Pico De Loro Hike - Experience A Challenging Hike in Our Beautiful Mountains

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Pico de Loro (Parrots Peak) offers a connection with Mother Earth as you walk through a misty forest that takes you to a stone peak, Parrots Peak (Pico de Loro). As you break through the mist be rewarded with an extraordinary view of the valley and the Farallones de Cali.

In our Adventour we will walk, run, jump and climb, the trails of this dense cloud forest that is surrounded by an abundance of waterfalls and rivers. Once here you will feel in peace with yourself and your surrounds, breathing in fresh air from the Pacific Ocean. 

Pico de Loro is located within the Farallones of Cali National Natural Park, and is inhabited by more than 540 species of birds, and other animals, both groups containing species that are endangered or unique to Colombia. Here, more than 30 rivers that supply the south west of Colombia are born. It is a nature lover’s paradise, and we are privileged to experience its beauty.

Important Notice: The length of the hike is 4.5 km one way (9km total) and the terrain may be muddy and slippery. You will ascend from 1,600 m. until 2,860 m.

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