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Pichinde Experience! - Hiking And River Adventure

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Cali is surrounded by an abundant amount of nature waiting to be explore. Don't wait to enjoy a nice hike around the west mountain range and the rivers it has to offer.

Cali has the privilege of being surrounded by several rivers and waterfalls, with many of its forests and ecological trails still awaiting to be discovered. Live an unforgettable experience, hiking the rural hillsides of Cali, with a wildlife expert that will show you the best that our mountains have to offer. 

During the tour, you will witness the natural richness of the Farallones, west branch of the Andes Mountains, you will see the well-preserved diversity of nature where more than 80 species of birds can be seen. Open your lungs to the clean and fresh air, plunge into crystal clear waters, and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the mountains.

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