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Paragliding Tandem Flights over the Sacred Valley

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For thousands of years, man has dreamt of flying.... Have you read that sort of thing a few times before? Well, these days many people are coming very close to that often-expressed yearning by leaning into the wind, taking a few steps and then gently parting company with the land of the Incas under your feet and perhaps, a few minutes later, turning into the rising warm air of a thermal and eventually climbing, until you are just a speck, high up and far away in the domains of the Condor.
Just pausing here to let you indulge in that incredible daydream for a few more moments..... 
Welcome to the exhilarating sport of paragliding, known in many countries as parapente,  over the Sacred Valley fo the Incas. Be amazed at what is achievable in a real aircraft that can be stuffed in a backpack and taken anywhere, anyhow, any time.

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