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PADI Open Water Diver Course (OWD)

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Have you always dreamed about seeing the world under the waves and experiencing unforgettable adventures?

With the title PADI Open Water Diver - OWD for short - you can dive without supervision (but always accompanied by a dive buddy) down to -18m. (PADI junior divers from 10-11 years to -12m)

Your OWD course includes 5 theory classes in which we will talk with you about our equipment, applied diving physics, practical exercises and our maritime environment. To your support you will receive from us the high-quality PADI OWD learning material, which contains a current & extensive textbook, as well as a DVD with interesting instructional videos. Of course you can keep the learning material!

In parallel, we will do 4 open water dives a 40-55 minutes, in which we go through all the necessary exercises with you step by step, until you master them perfectly. From your first contact with the water, to the removal and putting on of equipment under water, you will learn to feel like a fish under water! We also provide fun: In each open water dive, we take the time to explore the environment after the exercises, you will be amazed how much sea life is swimming around.

At the end, there's a little exam in which we'll ask you about theory and practical knowledge before we can hand you over your title as PADI Open Water Diver.

The duration of the course depends entirely on the requirements of the student, the course is individual and our goal is that you start well prepared into the fascinating world of diving. We guarantee that! Normally we do the OWD course in 3 days, but we're totally focused on you. We always work with small groups, never more than 4 students in one class.

We train you according to PADI standards (the world's biggest diving organization). You will receive your OWD title - a card that is valid worldwide and identifies you as a licensed diver at the end of the course. With this you can go diving anywhere you want.
By the way, should you have forgotten your PADI card on holidays, that's half as bad: PADI allows its dive centers to look students up with name & birthday, so we can still go diving.

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