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PADI Advanced Diver Course

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The PADI Advanced Diver Course is a great way to do 5 dives to increase your knowledge and build on your diving skills all in the presence of one of our excellent Instructors. A 5 dive tasting plate of just some of what diving has to offer will leave you more confident and without the limits of an Open Water Diver. We highly recommend this course as an immediate follow on straight after your Open Water course to give you more experience and more confidence. No exams here… it’s all about the diving!

During this course we will do 2 core dives - Navigation and Deep (up to 30m) and 3 elective dives. Our night dive is usually our third dive to ensure you get the skills to join our free weekly guided night dives.

The next 2 dives are up to you. Choose from Wreck, Photography, Fish ID, Search and Recovery, Peak Performance buoyancy, Boat Diver and Naturalist – just to name a few. We choose the dives as a group at the commencement of your course - tell us what you want to experience.

A whole new world comes out at night so why not get out there and check it out? To get you started we choose your first one – one which is a very awesome dive to learn... Night Diving! This will be your third dive of the course on the Saturday evening. Learn the important things about planning night dives as well as actually diving your plan all in the light of your dive torch.

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