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Overnight Bear Safari - Kuusamo & Oulanga rapids

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Take an opportunity to seek for the bears in their habitat. These lovely have excellent senses of smell, sight, and hearing.

You will set off to the forest safely to observe the native brown bear in their natural environment, close to the Russian border in Kuusamo. Embrace the classic Finnish pastime of getting closer to nature as you stay overnight in a cabin. The next day, after a delicious Finnish style breakfast, you will spend time in Oulanka National Park to enjoy hiking and a Lappish barbecue lunch by the campfire.

About 1,500 – 2,000 brown bears live in the vast forests of Finland. A mature male brown bear can weigh up to 300 kilograms. If you walk into the forests of Finland, it is almost impossible to encounter with the brown bears. Although they may also appear anywhere in mainland Finland, they usually avoid contact with humans at all costs. The virgin forests of eastern Finland are the best choice to meet them!

During the activity, you can observe safely from a wooden house how the bears are eating in the forest. After the second day of the bear-watching tour, the guide will take you to the most beautiful Forest Park in Lapland to pick forest berries and wild mushrooms. 

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