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Ocean Adventure Cruise

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Turn your summer holiday into an unforgettable interactive adventure!

Our fun-filled, scenic cruise exclusively explores the breathtaking coastline from Ballina to Cape Byron. Encounter species such as dolphins, turtles and birdlife in Byron’s Marine Park. 

Discover sheer cliffs, secluded beaches and headlands as you listen to live commentary by our Marine Biologist. Learn about wildlife, local points of interest & history of the area as you navigate Australia’s most Easterly point. Imagine viewing Cape Byron Lighthouse from a whole new perspective!

Our purpose-built eco-vessel seats 20 guests and has a 360° view for unparalleled dolphin and sightseeing experiences.It has a unique hull design, which ensures a smooth, comfortable ride in all cruising conditions. Our friendly, professional team guarantee a first-class, unmatched, eco tour.

The Byron Bay-Ballina region is used by over 1000 bottlenose dolphins that live in highly structured societies. Within this large population, an estimated 30% are residents, primarily consisting of females and calves.
Bottlenose dolphins display many different types of behaviours including leaping, surfing, bow riding, and tail-slapping. These sightings are always an exciting event and often a highlight of our cruises. Learn about our partnership with Dolphin Research Australia.

There’s no better way to encounter the magnificence of Byron Bay, it’s natural beauty & wildlife, than from its pristine waters. Our guests will explore areas along our stunning coastline, only accessible by boat. Whether you’re a local or visiting, be sure to book one of our unique wildlife experiences.

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