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Northern Lights Wilderness Tour - Professional camera included

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Take your best chance to see the Northern lights from Rovaniemi ! With your personal guide, you will explore the nature of Lapland and hunt the magic of the Aurora Borealis. Get ready for an unforgettable Arctic night!

You will get picked up from your accommodation by our guides at an agreed time, you will then go straight out to the forest to start hunting for the Aurora. You will start by driving around 20k north, you will then embark on a short walk through a very old, white and snowy forest. The walk is almost always done in the complete dark, this way your eyes get time to adjust to the dark. Not only do your eyes adjust (you see better in the dark) but then you see the landscape in a completely new and beautiful way.

After the walk, you will come to an opening, which in the summer is a beach but now it is a huge lake of ice and snow. Once you've been introduced to the area your guide will then go and build a fire in a log cabin (Kota), they build the fire in the traditional way using only silver birch bark to light it and sometimes they don't even use matches. Once the fire is lite and the kettle is boiling your guide will then begin to teach you all about the forest, the animals and the northern lights. You will also get to grill your own sausages over the open fire and enjoy it with the famous Finnish mustard. 

If the weather isn't very clear and we have cloud cover then your guide will constantly check the weather forecast and you will change locations up to 3 times during the tour, driving further north each time, this way we can enhance your chances of seeing this natural phenomenon.

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