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Nazca Lines from Ica airport

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The flight time will be confirmed one day before your flight via email. Once you got the time, you will have to arrange your own taxi to Ica airport. At this point you will meet by one of our representative who will take you to the checkin zone and wait for your flight over the Nazca Lines. At the airport you will have an introduction about your tour and safety instruction.

This flight will cover the expanse of the Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes.  The flight lasts exactly 70 minutes including the travel time to Nazca Desert and is the best way to see these fascinating lines and drawings that have intrigued people for years.

Once in Nazca desert, you will see 14 most representative figures drawn on the stony surface of the Nazca desert. Representing animals and stylized plants, distributed in a huge labyrinth of lines, trapezes, triangles and hairsprings which have been preserved for almost 2000 years. They are the most incredible remains that an ancient culture has left behind. These designs, which some of them are as long as 500 meters, can be truly appreciated only from the sky at an altitude of 1,500 feet. After this amazinf tour, you will then flight back to Ica airport. Tour will end at the aiport and you will have to continue to your next destination you have in mind.

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