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Nature/sea eagle safari

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The north of Norway is the kingdom to the sea eagle. We have the biggest concentration of sea eagles in the whole world. There are several couples with their own territories in the area around Henningsvær.

We take you out in big rib boats, giving you an intimate experience with nature and wildlife. If the weather allows we will visit a colony of grey seals. The grey seals can weigh more than 300 kilos and be up to 3 meters long. If we are lucky we can see minki whales, porpoises and killer whales. We also enjoy the spectacular landscape and Vågakallen, one of the highest mountains in Lofoten and tell you about the renowned cod fishery.

Meet at our house in Henningsvær 14.00. We will provide you with wind and water proof floating suits and give a short briefing before the trip.

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