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National Park Lava Cliffs and Black Sand Beach

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This tour includes two excursions within O le Pupu Pu’e, Samoa’s largest national park and a visit to the Aganoa Black Sand Beach - all just across the island from Apia.

We begin with an 800m walk through beautiful tropical rainforest to the amazing Ma Tree with its buttress roots that extend out for metres in all directions. Next is the day’s highlight walk to the coastal Lava Cliffs. Step back in time and visit the raw beauty of ancient and spectacular volcanic action in the form of sea cliffs, arches and islands. View the swirling bird life on one of the nearby islands. Adjacent to the National Park following a three km 4WD track we reach the magnificent, unspoiled and rarely visited Aganoa Black Sand Beach. Swim and lunch here on one of Samoa’s finest beaches.

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