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Mt. Wellington Winter Walk

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Winter is wonderland in Hobart, despite chills, the city comes alive in an intimate way. Rug up and head into the hills for day of up-close nature viewing, matched with warm food and drinks. 

Known by many names over the past 2000 generations of human occupation, The Mountain is now officially noted on maps and street signs as kunanyi/Mt. Wellington. Over the past 200 years this gorgeous pile of rock has changed names from Table Hill to Montagne du Plateau to Skiddaw to Mount Collins and Table Mountain, before in 1824 it was re-named Mount Wellington after the Duke of Wellington. George Bass is considered the first white man to have climb the Mountain, Christmas day in 1798, though it is debated if he really reached the summit.

It very quickly became however, a right of passage to spend a weekend climbing up to the pinnacle to view over the colony of Hobart town. With mountain huts, trails, ice houses, timber route and water courses, the mountains human history is only the surface. However, It is the mountains wildlife, 60 bird species, geological history and over 500 plants that gives this finger of wilderness, its need for protection.

Locally guided by Tassie's finest, you will have a true local feel and experience. Hobart is becoming renowned for its food, you won't be disappointed by what our guides serve up. Warm locally sourced food from local growers. 

Start the day with a warm coffee, tea or hot coco at the springs. Head north from the springs (if possible the summit). Enjoy lunch in a mountain hut before heading off on a second walk along one of the many mountain trails. Transport back to accommodation reminiscing on what the mountain has to offer. The walks are certainly weather dependant and we will notify you asap on the walks of choice. If favourable the walks will include: Organ Pipes, Lennah Valley trail, zig-zag, pinnacle track, fern glade, myrtle gully and Sphinx Rock. 

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