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Moose Wild Safari

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It's time to head out in search of Moose! The Moose is named after the King of Finnish forests due to his prominent huge antlers.

An experienced Moose guide will take you deep into the surrounding Lappish forests to meet the King of the Forest in its natural habitat. Moose has high activity at sunrise and sunset, during the day they hide in thickets.

The Moose is the powerful and largest member of deer species. Their weight can reach 700 kilograms and the height at shoulder - 2,1 meters. In comparison with reindeer, the moose is an absolutely wild and humble animal. During the Moose Safari, you will be in the car due to animals hide if hear any outsider sound.

Then you will be served with grilled sausages and blueberry juice by a bonfire while enjoying a breathtaking sunset.

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