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Moose Safari

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The biggest wild animals in Europe!

Moose safari is a fascinating nature trip for searching moose, the largest land mammals in Europe. Starting in the evening, you will be taken into the wilderness where we drive on wilderness roads and paths searching for moose. When we spot one, we take a better look using binoculars. This is also a great opportunity for taking photographs or videos.

We take a longer break to savour some snacks. As this is a wildlife safari wild animals are sometimes unpredictable. Moose are wild and shy animals, they can hear humans from kilometres away and be quickly hidden into the forest so it is possible that we can’t see any moose during the safari. In that case, half of the price will be refunded in the end of the safari. This summer 2018 is going to be a good summer as the population is very high at the moment. Anyway we need to remember that it is question of unpredictable wild animals!

The number of moose that we find varies depending on, for example, weather conditions. Usually we find 3-8 moose. Our “world record” is 26 moose in 2 hours! Other wildlife we may encounter includes reindeer, hares, foxes and large birds like owls, swans and cranes. Brown bears and lynxes have also been seen occasionally! Duration, 3 – 5 hours depending on the week including return transfers from your hotel.

Moose are large animals, some male ones carry antlers even 120 cm wide, reaching up to 2.10 metres in height and weight 600 kg. Most moose we meet are females and youngsters, sometimes babies.

The density of moose is very high because of the numerous nature reservations of which The Strict Nature Reservation of Pisavaara is the most important. It was grounded in 1938 and has been closed to public since then.

Guiding, snacks and transfers to wilderness and back are included.

The moose, Alces alces in Latin or hirvi in Finnish, is one of the regular residents of Finland’s forests.The males are crowned by a majestic set of antlers, marking them out as the king of the Fin-nish forest. The antlers grow throughout the summer once they get new antlers every year. There are around 80,000 of these massive animals living in the forests throughout the country. Moose are native to all parts of Finland. They are rarely sighted, however – at any rate, much much less often than reindeer, which live only in Lapland.

This safari might be the one and only moose safari with moose sighting guaranteed in Europe. Welcome to this exciting wildlife safari! 

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