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Mini Rafting on Soča River

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Nature, crystal clear water, white boulders, big waves, adrenalin? We must talk about the rafting on the Soča. The Emerald river has variable sections, which offer a great fun for all generations. We can choose calm stretches suitable for families with small children, and more demanding parts for adrenaline seekers.

The mini raft is a raft for just 2-3 people, fast and maneuverable. As the boat is smaller, we get closer to the river. The waves and rocks are bigger, and we can pass even the most narrow passages. Besides rowing, we have to learn to move with the water, and lean with the boat, otherwise our hair will get wet too.

Ussualy there is a guide in the boat with guests. Experienced and fearless crews can be accompanied by a guide in his kayak. He is showing us the way, giving us the commands, but all the paddling and steering we have to do by ourselves. Real challenge!

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