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Midnight Sun & Arctic Foxes

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The bright Icelandic summer nights are the right time to see Arctic Foxes. During the daytime, they stay in and around their dens. But at night, the foxes are more active and visible. The young pups play outside the dens while their parents hunt in the mountains or along the beach. Kvíar Lodge is an old farmhouse in the Hornstrandir nature reserve.

When people abandoned the area in 1948 with their livestock, arctic foxes became the only remaining land mammals. For 65 years they have roamed the fjords and bays, free from human disturbance, making them rather tame and playful. Kvíar is the only house for many kilometers, reachable only by boat. During the summer, we welcome guests to spend a night in the historical house and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, where nature has ruled for 65 years. It's a unique opportunity to visit Hornstrandir in a relatively short timeframe, experience the midnight sun, learn about and feel the history of the area and see Arctic Foxes in their natural environment.

We respect the Arctic Foxes and realize that summer is their breeding time. Therefore, we walk carefully, keep our distance and follow guidelines and rules given by wildlife specialists. This trip is very flexible and we have various activities available. The hiking in the mountains surrounding the farmhouse is spectacular, with panoramic views guarenteed. We also have kayaks available, and a guided kayak tour is a great way to explore the untouched coastline of this remote area. However, if you prefer to curl up in the long grass with a great book while keeping an eye out for the foxes, then that is fine too!

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