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Learn to Surf - 4 Days

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These packages are designed with the beginner in mind. Your path to becoming a surfer will start on the beach with our Surfing New Zealand certified instructors and then progress into the white water with specially designed boards for first timers. Our instructors will introduce you to surfing with safety tips, ocean awareness, equipment and surf etiquette as well as progressive methodology which guarantees you catching your first wave in no time. As you become more confident in the water, our instructors will lead you into more advanced techniques so you can begin to surf on your own – the ultimate experience.

Our groups feature a ratio of 1 instructor to 6 students. However, if the waves get bigger or the crowds increase, our instructor to student ratio will increase as well. Of course, we want to avoid big waves and the crowd, so we have a van available and access to several locations ensuring the best conditions for your skill level.

Whangamata is the ideal place to learn to surf because of its sand bottom beaches and user-friendly waves with a beautiful backdrop of Whenuakura and Hauturu Islands. Our instructors are here to ensure your journey into surfing is safe, fun and unforgettable.

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