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Lapland Berry Day Experience

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Unique nature in Lapland prepares for you amazing summer tour! Northern and eastern Finland produce the largest quantities of berries.

The guide will show you the places full of northern berries and wild but edible mushrooms in Finnish forest. You can find and pick such Lappish berries as blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry, and even cloudberry.

Take a private shuttle to magical forest just 40 km away from Rovaniemi. You will open the amazing senses and breathe the nature pure air. Take a deep breath and let the energy of the forest to cure the stress of your busy life in the city. This is the place to relax your body and mind! Relax around this stunning landscape while picking various types of berries and delicious mushrooms. In the forest, you can hear animals' steps and birds singing in the forest.

Afterwards, you will walk to the highest point of the forest to enjoy the unspeakable beauty of Lapland. Then you will have a picnic by a bonfire with a pleasure atmosphere!

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