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Lake Lucerne & Urnersee 2 day

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  •   Sea Kayak
  •   Paddle
  •   Bouyancy Aid
  •   Neoprene longjohn wetsuit (if necessary or cold and wet)
  •   Paddling jacket (if necessary or cold and wet)
  •   All necessary safety equipment

Our “Swiss Lakes Tours” are aimed at paddlers with some paddling experience and explore some of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland whilst further developing your skills.

Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstättersee is a jewel in central Switzerland with its variety of arms and uninterrupted dreamlike mountain scenery, dramatic cliffs and history central to Switzerland itself. Our two days are based in the most dramatic part of the lake, Urnersee, in what is one of the most impressive paddles in Switzerland. This part of Lake Lucerne is remote, wild and incredibly beautiful, and when the weather condition allow we spend the first day on one side of the lake and the second on the other exploring its wonder, and experiencing the often rough conditions that the lake provides.

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