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Lake Alajuela Stand Up Paddleboard Tour

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Lake Alajuela is an artificial lake on the Chagres River created by the Madden Dam and linked to the Panama Canal. Lake Alajuela serves as a reservoir for the canal, which lies to the lake’s southwest.

Paddle the beautiful waters of Lake Alajuela, an artificial lake in the Chagres River basin. The lake is bounded by the Madden Dam and linked to the Panama Canal. This is a unique stand up paddle experience, we can pick you up at your hotel or meet at the Standup Panama offices at Isla Culebra in Amador for a 45 minute drive via the Corredor Norte Highway to Chilibre.

Once we arrive at Hacienda Alajuela the adventure will begin. We will Paddle the clear waters of Lake Alajuela white enjoying viewing of native animals, the magnificent tropical rainforest of the Panama Canal and Madden Dam.

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