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Kvíar Ski Lodge

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Our speed boat takes us to different locactions where we hike from sea level to mountain peak then ski down to the water where our boat awaits us to take us back to the lodge in Kviar. Please note: This plan is just to give an example. Since we have a fast boat, we can change it as we please depending on where the best snow is and what people want to do. There are still a lot of un-skied lines that are perfect to explore on this trip. Day 1 Departure in the afternoon at 16:00, on our speedboat Bjarnarnes from the harbour in Ísafjörður.

Our destination is Kvíar, where we plan to spend few hours searching for good snow and going over some safety issues with the guide. You should eat well and dress accordingly before getting on board the speed boat and keep your ski gear ready. Well deserved dinner will be ready when the group comes off the mountain to the farmhouse. Day 2 A short boat ride will take us to the head of Lónafjörður Fjord where we shoulder our packs and with skins on, we have many options. Either head to Rangali and skin up Rangalaskarð Pass where we get a god view over Hornvík Bay on the North side, or up from Miðkjós and skin up to the peaks of Snókur and Breiðuskarðahnjúkur for some beautiful ski runs. We take a boat ride back to Kvíar where a great meal awaits us. We might spend half an hour on the beach picking mussels (fr. moules) for starter before heading back. We´ll light up the sauna to relax sore muscles. Day 3 After a hearty breakfast we get going on the big Zodiac to Veiðileysufjörður where we plan to ski over to Lónafjörður Fjord.

We make at least two long runs that day and end in Rangali, one of the most beautiful fjordscapes in Iceland. We end with a boat ride back to Kvíar Lodge for a well deserved dinner and drinks. Day 4 We plan to spend the whole day exploring the mountains in Hrafnfjörður (e. Raven's Fjord). The head of the fjord holds some amazing cruising grounds with smooth runs all the way from the tops. The highlights are from the top of Hvítserkur and Mt. Bláfell and from the pass between Bláfell and Mt. Hattarfell.

For those that want something really steep, there is an option to ski the West face of Hattarfell. Only been done once before. Day 5 On the last full day we plan to make a short boat ride over to Höfðaströnd Beach and skin up to the top of Mt. Tröllafell (e. Troll Mountain) with a mixture of steep couloirs and open runs. There is a lot of un-skied territory on that side that we can also look at and make some nice first descents. Day 6 Our passenger boat arrives early for a pickup and transfer back to Ísafjörður, where we get ready for a some skiing in the vicinity of town. There are many options for a traverse or steep couloirs very close to town. We also encourage you to stay an extra night in Ísafjörður and maybe ski one more day in the surrounding mountains.

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