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Kayak rental Balestrand

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Don't want to follow along with a guided tour? Do you have good skills and do not want to be held back by those who are less experienced? Or maybe you simply want to explore at your own pace. Rent a quality kayak and accessories at affordable prices and make your own adventure!  

Book now to confirm your rental, otherwise you can try your luck and wait until you arrive at the Tourist Information Office in Balestrand between 14 May - 14 September.

Pick-up and return times correspond to the Tourist Information operning hours.  Late returns will be charged an additional 250 kr.

If the date you want does not appear on the booking calendar, it either means that there are no kayaks available for rent or that the Tourist Information office is not open on this day. You can always show up at the Tourist Information and try your luck with last minute cancellations or unexpected availability, but there is no way to confirm this in advance. :(

By renting a kayak, you are confirming your competence and responsibility in assessing weather conditions.  If any at sea rescue is deemed necessary, the cost will be born solely by the person signing the rental agreement and must be paid directly to the agent managing the rescue.

Rental prices:

  • Kayak 1 day (Single) 990,- kr.
  • Kayak 1 day (Double) 1490,- kr.
  • Late return fee (after hours) 250,- kr. 

   Kayak rental includes: Kayak, spray skirt, life jacket, and paddle

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