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Kayak course on Soča river

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Kayaking is the most beautiful sport on the white water! Under the attentive eyes of our instructors, all participants have their own boat, therefore everybody has to solve the paddling and stearing by themselves. We offer proffesional multi-day kayak school for those who really whish to get to know this sport and the physics of the river. We also offer one-day kayak trip with open (sit-on-top) kayaks for those who whish to have a simple experience of whitewater kayaking.

Soča, with its diverse river sections, is a true paradise for kayakers. It offers all the difficulties of whitewater scale and in every water level the river is unique.

Our experienced instructors will give the most knowledge farther to you in an easy but fun way: with practising, explaining and playing. White water kayaking is a complex sport, therefore we offer also multiple-day kayak school. As our knowledge is getting bigger and bigger, we progress every day to more difficult sections or we can paddle suprisingly different lines on the familiar stretches.

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