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Isla Damas and Punta Choros from La Serena

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We'll be able to see, from the road, a common dense glaze called “Camanchaca”. A phenomena occurring just some months a year, is the “full of flowers dessert”. If we are lucky we will appreciate it. After traveling 122 kilometers, we arrive at Los Choros Fishermen´s wharf, a natural viewpoint to see Gaviota, 

Choro and Damas Islands. We will board a motor launch leading us to Humboldt Penguins National Reserve, which is part of this area. 
On our way to the National Reserve we will see the “bottle-nose shaped” dolphins making jumps and pirouettes! 
We'll disembark from the motor launch in Damas Islands to appreciate its white sand beaches. 

Return to the coast and enjoy lunch consisting on seafood in a typical restaurant. Return to La Serena accompanied by a spectacular sunset in the background.

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