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Ice Skating

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Are you in Stockholm hoping to see the Scandinavian winter and the only thing in sight is the slush in the city center? If that's the case, join us to discover Sweden’s winterland just outside of the city.

Let’s admire the nicest frozen lakes Stockholm has to offer between mid-December and March. It is on those very lakes that we can do one of the most common winter sports in Sweden: Ice skating. During the season, these lakes provide us the clearest ice which allows you to skate, whatever your pace is, quietly on the lake while hearing the sounds of the surrounding nature. You’ll also be able to hear the unexpected and magical sound of your blades sliding on the ice.

Since the ice is changing day to day, depending on the temperature, wind and snowfall, your guide will bring you where the best spot is. For your safety, all the tours start with a safety briefing. Then we get down to work to see how comfortable you are on the skates, finishing the training with a little balance challenge. Beginner or not, by the end of day you will be able to feel that special thrill that is to slide across deep lakes. After a few hours of skating we have a lunch break; where we cook over the wooden fire prepared by your guide, a perfect way to warm up and restore energy. If the conditions are with us that day, we continue skating on another lake in the afternoon. At sunset, we enjoy a Swedish fika with a cup of coffee and biscuits and then head back to the car to pack up our gear before getting ready to get back to the city with full of memories.

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